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07 All Creatures Foundation Detox with Joint Support



WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT Your pets are exposed to a wide variety of toxins from the environment, food, and drugs. All Creatures Foundation Detox® with joint support is specifically formulated to assist in the removal of these toxins. Animal Element All Creatures Foundation Detox® formulation is designed for the lifetime of your pets. You will see increased mobility, coat changes, muscle definition and over all vigor. The All Creatures Foundation Detox® is made in the USA using only the finest human grade ingredients. DOSAGE Loading Dose: 2 teaspoons per 25 lbs of body weight twice per day until desired change is achieved. Then reduce to maintenance dose. Maintenance Dose: 1 teaspoon per 25 lbs of body weight once per day. INGREDIENT AMOUNTS (PER 2 SCOOPS, 26G): Zeolite- 13,000 mg; Proprietary Blend of Diatomaceous Earth, Organic Kelp, MSM, Spirulina- 9,100 mg; Red Raspberry Leaf- 1,040 mg; Hawthorne- 780 mg; Organic Fenugreek- 780 mg; Organic Tumeric- 660 mg; Hyaluronic Acid- 120 mg SERVINGS PER BAG (DAYS) 2 Lb. Bag: 181 servings (up to 90 days)

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